The Growing Casino Industry


The growth of the casino industry in Nevada began in the 1950s. At the time, legitimate businessmen resisted the idea of setting up a casino, but organized crime figures had plenty of cash to burn from illegal rackets. The seamy image of gambling didn’t deter them. In fact, mafia money poured into Las Vegas and Reno casinos on a steady basis. Some casinos even became involved with mafia members, who threatened casino personnel and took advantage of the gambling environment.

In the last few years, casinos have launched a variety of new games. The key to attracting players is to offer a variety of interesting and fun games that offer a good chance of winning. Whether you are looking to play slots or blackjack or any other game, make sure to check out the payouts before playing.

The opening of a casino can create new jobs in a local area. Many casinos also hire local workers, which helps to reduce the local unemployment rate. In addition, a new casino can improve the local economy through the tax revenue it generates. However, the economic benefits of a casino may not be realized in the short run.

Casino security involves multiple layers of protection. Security begins on the casino floor, with employees watching the games and patrons. Dealers can spot obvious signs of cheating, and pit bosses and table managers watch for betting patterns. Each employee has a higher-up who can review their actions if something seems out of place.